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Camera Corner

Updated October 28, 2009

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Nikon F3 Camera with Motor Drive & Lens

I shot pro with this setup for several years. Good condition, everything works. Comparable to the typical ebay offerings, but no ebay hassle!

$200.00  as shown with 50 1.4 Nikkor, MD-11 and caps.

Military Kodak Portable 35mm Enlarger

Pretty cool. Very functional and complete, right down to original boxes for lens and negative carrier, safelight, timer, tongs and tray, adjustable print holders, working bulb and switch. Everything packs neatly into little compartments. Base removes from case lid for stand-alone operation. Has some wear and tear, but in good shape overall.



Tasope Photogravure Camera

Circa 1930's art-deco style graphic arts "parlor" camera. Light-tight film holder could be handled in a darkroom, while exposures were made in a separate area, hence the "parlor" term. Designed to expose metal plates for ink-top and cold-top printing, halftones in particular. Camera itself is 38"L x 22"H x 20"W overall, including knobs. 12"x12" film area. Entire camera positions on a pair of 5-foot tube "tracks", enabling precise reductions and enlargements. The artwork to be reproduced was affixed to a wooden copyboard. The entire apparatus sat upon a matching wooden base, which unfortunately was not salvageable. The left side of the camera suffers from paint peeling, the rest of the camera is in amazingly good condition. The original ground glass has been lost, but it includes an original hand-made glass halftone screen, quite rare in itself. Aperture of the lens is controlled by an external handle, a manually operated guillotine shutter made the actual exposure, usually several minutes in length. All controls appear to work and the camera still functions as intended. Over the years, it has also been used to expose conventional modern graphic arts and continuous-tone films as well as metal plates. Includes the original 26 lesson Tasope engraving course in a 3-ring binder. The typewritten lessons, with many hand-glued illustrations, and a short quiz after each, comprise a full course in the lost art of photo-engraving. The camera served several newspapers in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The original owner was Al Herman, who published the Queen City Mail in Spearfish. I am the second owner and have had the camera since the 1970's, after rescuing what was left of it from an old garage. Shown with a few conventional-sized cameras for scale (not included!). Camera positioning tubes and copyboard not shown but are included. Packing and shipping charges not included in price, it is a large, heavy item. Direct pickup at our location would be the best, but it could be shipped in several boxes. Sold "as-is", with no returns.
Serious inquiries only, please.


Left, illustration from Tasope coursebook, showing a similar "parlor" camera. Above, advertisement from 1957 Mechanix Illustrated Magazine.

Minolta XG7 System

In very good to near-mint condition. The big exception is the soft case, not shown, which has some cracking of the leather finish. Comes with carry bag. 50mm f1.7, 135mm f3.5 and 28mm f2.8 lenses, motor drive with case, front/rear lens caps and body cap, filter, cleaning accessories. The included flash was DOA, but I'll toss in a working JC Penny flash. Everything else in the system seems to function perfectly. A very nice compact system, but I prefer Nikon, and have no use for it.


 Image Tech 3D Wizard

35mm, one owner (me!). Triple lens array shoots three vertical half-frames. Take the outside two for a traditional stereo pair, or send the film in for special 3D printing. Built-in flash, fixed focus, 3 f-stops, soft case, if I spot the box and manual, I'll include them as well but we should probably presume them lost. Works, good condition.


Nikon FG, Ugly but works

Up for bids is a black body FG and 50mm f1.8 series E lens. This camera is a veteran of several dinosaur digs. At times during the fossil excavations, I was shooting with seven different cameras, this one was mostly used for print film or a convenient way of having another focal length handy.

It comes with a good 50mm f1.8e lens, just to say it has one. Body has lots of wear, brass and small dings. Meter and shutter seem fine, film advance is ok.

I added some epoxy putty below the shutter dial, as I was always inadvertantly bumping it off its setting. The back leaked light where the springs for the film pressure pad or tabs from the memo holder had penetrated the leather, but a piece of tape fixed that. A cheap working camera, kept working on the cheap!

I'd just about call it a parts camera but since it is still working, I'd wait for something more major to fail on it first.

Sold AS-IS, however.


Lentar 90-230mm f4.5
T-mount Zoom Lens

A very nice, clean "vintage" manual focus zoom lens. T-mount can be adapted to fit a wide range of older and existing cameras. Sold with adapter to fit Nikon. Non-auto aperture, aka "preset". Thus the dual aperture rings. Separate focus and zoom rings, very smooth operating. I bought this lens in Jackson Hole, Wyoming so both my wife and I would have a telephoto. Glad I did, as I got some great eagle pictures with it while rafting.

with Nikon T-Mount  $70.00

Sekonic L-248 Light Meter

A very nice mid-range meter from Sekonic. Works, in very good condition, appears almost unused. With case and strap.


Magazine Cine-Kodak


8mm Movie Camera

Functional and in good mechanical shape. Leather wear and some dirt, some corrosion on the inner face of the lens barrel as shown here which could no doubt be cleaned up, fortunately the glass does not seem affected. The inside is very clean. Spring-wound motor works fine, has 3 speeds. Kodak Anastigmat 25mm f1.9 lens is removable and has adjustable focus and f-stop.


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