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Burnt Fork Traders

Computer Outpost

Updated January 5, 2006

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Besides our own growing collection of old Macs, we recently acquired a weekly newspaper's systems when they upgraded. We have several Macintosh computers and a few peripherals below, more will be added as we check them out.

Shipping and insurance is not included in the price and will be added to the order total. We will ship by the customer's preferred method, or we will choose the cheapest carrier.

Don't like my prices? Make me an offer! I'd consider trades for other gear, metal detectors, old radios, cameras, electronics...

Osborne Model I

Priced Right! Vintage CP/M "luggable" computer. Working when stored, I'll test it prior to shipping. Includes CP/M system, Wordstar, BASIC and whatever other disks I have for it. Dual 5.25" floppy drives, 5" built-in monochrome monitor. Pics coming.

$50.00 As-Is

Mac Classic II

Priced Right! Includes keyboard, mouse, whatever RAM and HD was installed. Works!

$50.00 complete!

HP Scanjet Plus

No software, but it shouldn't be a problem locating something on the web that will drive it. Parallel port, so PC only, I presume it needs an external adapter to work with Mac. Has a cable attached. Didn't see any Mac adapter for it in the lot acquisiton I made. A little antiquated, given the current state-of-the-art, but doesn't that describe everything on this site? No information on condition or specs, but looks fine, probably works. I can't test it here, so "As-Is", sale is final, no return.


Macintosh IIci

Mac IIci "bare-bones" computer. No monitor, keyboard, mouse, drive, or RAM. If you need these things, we can add all but the monitor, which was broken beyond repair. I think there is a floppy drive, but I will have to check to make sure of that. Worked fine when tested a few months back. Has the original monitor card installed.

$80.00 bare bones

$100.00 w/basic kbd, mouse, hd, RAM

Small Mac Systems

Priced Right!

from $35.00 to $135.00

From the original Mac to the Classic II. We'll get 'em all listed eventually, e-mail us with your interest, and we will see what we can dig up. Various configurations, we can mix and match with what we have on hand for RAM and drives, keyboards, etc. Some parts, drives, motherboards and misc. on hand as well. What do you seek?

Original Macintosh Laserwriter

A veritable boat anchor of history-making technology, now available at a mere fraction of it's original $7,000+ cost! Was working when removed from service, has a cartridge installed. These are getting scarce, maybe there's a reason? No matter, make sure you have yours on hand in case somebody asks! Shipping would be a killer, are you sure you don't want to vacation in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota this year, so you can drop by and pick it up? I'll show you the view while you're here!


These computers just
not old enough?
Click here
to check out
Gramma's Word Processor!


Old Systems

to come!

Texas Instruments TI99 4a -
Timex TS1000
Pre-IC Computer Circuit Boards
& Misc. parts

What are you seeking?  Let's hear from you!

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