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Updated November 26, 2010

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Fosgate Audionics DSL TWO

Surround-sound preamp/amp

High-end Dolby surround 6-channel preamp with built-in 2-channel amp. Connect one to three additional stereo amps, add a mono or stereo subwoofer amp and up to 9 speakers and you are in business!

Preamp outputs for left/right front, center channel, l/r side channels, l/r rear, stereo or mono subwoofer. The inputs of the 20-watt/channel built-in stereo amp may be hooked to your choice of these preamp outputs or the internal amp may be left unconnected. All line outputs have their own rear-panel level control. Several knobs control bass, spatial blend, balance and volume while buttons select the various surround sound methods. One or two other functions are accessible only from the remote, but I don't have that. Photocopy of manual included.

It takes a bit of equipment to fully expand the system, but if you're like me, it shouldn't be a problem assembling the required gear. I already had enough amplfiers and speakers laying around to put together a test system. Despite some mis-matched components, the sound was much fuller than my previous "normal" stereo setup.

If you've got one of those $300 all-in-one home theater setups, it has no comparison with the Fosgate. The DSL Two will show you what surround sound is all about! Those who know the Fosgate name know what I am saying. The DSL Two listed for $1200 when new, it was still fetching about $350 used a couple years ago. This unit is gouged on the top of the case and the remote is missing, so it is much more affordable. I didn't pay much for it, so I'm passing on the savings.

SOLD!  $50.00 Works, no remote, As-Is

Click photo for different view.

Emerson CD160
CD Player

Nothin' fancy, just a single play Emerson, non-remote, works ok. Upgraded our system, so this is surplus to us, priced accordingly!

$20.00 As-Is

click to enlarge

Experienced Dual 1245 Turntable

I was told that I'm the second owner. There's a smattering of performance issues on this unit. Clean but used. There's a crack along one side of the dust cover hinge, it's holding fine, but won't sit totally flat in front. There was no cartridge mount, but I located two for parts to make one and cleaned the pins in the mount, but the mating connectors in the arm could use cleaning, too. There's a small part (sitting on the center chrome disk in the pic) that adjusts stylus angle, there's supposed to be a spring with it, but it's not there. Cartridge mount is solid without it and does not adjust for angle. It needs a new audio cable, the wires near the plugs are intermittent.

Maybe this is a quirk of Duals, but there's not a lot of force applied by the mechanism moving the arm to play in auto-mode. Increasing the anti-skating is enough to nullify or reverse the arm movement. Odd, but if anti-skating is set low, it will auto-cue. I'll assume there's a problem there, it's just my job to discover and report 'em as I see 'em. Arm return and shut-off apparently have a similar problem. Speed controls and cuing lever are fine.

I like the look of Duals, my friends all owned them and I saw all the ads for years but have never owned one, so I've been auditioning it for a time. My opinion: nice, smooth, but seems light-duty, not horribly robust. Still, it was nice having auto (when it worked) after years with an all-manual. One of the few TT's I've seen that will handle a record cleaner brush like the Parastat without stalling.

Pretty much working, sold As-Is with no cartridge, but a mount is included. Feb. 2007- This turntable is currently back on the bench to see if I can fix some of its problems.


 Airline Console Speakers

$20.00 Working, but sold As-Is

Unusual, working 8" drivers and normal 4" full-ranges with both original mounting boards. Efficient, good strong output. Crossover caps are falling apart. One woofer screw is factory - incorrectly located so the baffle hole shows on one channel, easy fix but you'll have to pull part of the grill cloth to get to it. Looks like perfect condition but somebody scratched the color code, as seen below.

Akai Cloth Surround 10" Woofer

Just the lone woofer. 20 ounce magnet, works fine. White cone kinda yellowed, but I'd say the pic eggagerates it.

$10.00 Working, but sold As-Is

Fisher 12" Alnico Woofer Pair

From Fisher XP7 cabinets. I upgraded the boxes to XP7B standards, so these woofers are surplus to me. One was bottoming out and rubbing. I repaired it with a new spider and fixed the dented voicecoil. I sliced the cone around the center and removed the dust cap in order to do so. After the repair, the original parts were reinstalled. The glue line is visible but not obtrusive. It was either that, a full recone of both woofers so they matched or trash the one. The other woofer is functioning fine so I left it original. Both speakers were tested for several days on several different amps of 60, 100 and 150wpc. I am sure they are not rated for anything close to 150 watts of power, nor did I try to find their limits, but they easily took a 10 watt drive level and beyond, which is slightly louder than I care to listen to.

These are vintage woofers with cloth reverse-roll surrounds, 1 3/4" 4 ohm vc and 20 ounce Alnico magnets, made in 1966. Designed for tube amps or the early low-powered SS gear. Use accordingly.

SOLD!  $30.00 for both, working, used/repaired, sold As-Is

click to enlarge

Fisher 5" Alnico Midrange Speakers

We also have the two genuine Fisher 8 Ohm open-back midrange speakers from the above XP7 systems. One has been repaired, both work fine. Kinda like your typical tube-radio speaker, but better with a larger magnet. Very efficient. Click to enlarge pic.

$5.00 each

Vintage 12" PM Speaker

PM is for Permanent Magnet, this driver is not so old as to be an electromagnetic. Magnet is quite large for the speaker's apparent age, and appears to be alnico, but might be something else under the paint. Accordian edge, cone is intact, original rear-mounted magnet dust cover (removed for photo) and cord with 4-prong plug attached. I have not tested this unit, but was told it worked. I will verify that before I sell it. Click the pics.


ATL 55 Enclosures with Upgraded Drivers

A friend gave me these cabinets. Vinyl wood-grain, actually in nice shape, only a couple dings in the vinyl. They were clean enough I ordered new drivers to fill them to check them out. The woofers are from MAT Electronics, foam surround with 20 oz. magnet, 3/4 inch 8 ohm vc. The mids are a popular Vifa full-range. Tweeters are Pioneer domes. I used the cabinet's simple capacitor-only crossover. It would benefit from a proper one. I ended up going with a larger 12" system, so I'm selling these for cost of the drivers and their shipping.

$50.00 for the pair, working, all new drivers

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