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Burnt Fork Traders

Radio Room

Updated July 23, 2013

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Hallicrafters S-38 DB Tube Radio

Repaired, aligned and working. Still mostly original as I acquired it. Blonde painted wood faux finish is not often seen. Back, botton and feet all present. Speaker is a little buzzy, I usually run it on an external speaker. Not perfect, but a good daily driver.

$50.00 Sold!

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Candle TK-1848 AM/FM/SW/VHF-PB Battery-powered Radio

Made by Tokyo Transistor Ind. Co., Ltd. Nice, clean set. Purchased from Sarah Lowrey, it's the one seen on her website. Works, but could use some refreshing of caps and/or alignment since volume is weak. Nice dial and band lighting, one dial lamp is out, but it looks like a real pain to disassemble to replace it, so I left this set as-found and just cleaned the controls and switches. AM to 1600 kc, SW from 1.6 to 12 mc, FM and VHF 108-174 mc. Appears as-new inside, even the battery tube looks unused. Top antenna section plugged with a screw, extends to 40 inches.

$20.00 SOLD

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Pilot II Crystal Radio Kit

As old as radio itself, as futuristic as the space shuttle used as a box graphic. Kinda chintzy, but it does work when assembled.


Heathkit GR-24 AM Radio

Works, complete, except for front Heathkit label. Good battery case. Snaps a bit worn, grill is pushed in around speaker opening. Click the pic.

$15.00 SOLD

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Nordmende Transita AM/FM/SW Battery-powered Radio

A wood-cased, leatherette covered transistorized AM/FM/SW portable. An early FM radio, 4 pushbuttons for band change and tone, vernier rotary dial, sidewheel volume, 1961. Sounds is weak, needs a recap. Has back cover, good handle, all-wooden case is in excellent shape, leatherette is losing its glue bond but is all there, 2 dings in grille. 6 "C" Battery holder is intact with some minor leakage damage to the wood inside the cover. Original long whip antenna, which hides in radio's side, is intact with white plastic tip. Connection for external antenna. All original, very clean inside, it apparently has never seen a soldering iron or tuning stick, nor a repairman's baleful glare.


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Traveler Tube Portable Phonograph

As-shown and as-is. Physocally okay, just dusty from long storage. I took these pics awhile ago, I honestly can't remember working status. Suffice it so say that even if it did work, it will need some lubrication and a recap of the amp.


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Blonder/Tongue Tube-powered UHF to VHF Down-Converter

An interesting gadget that has no place in modern TV, but might be of interest to a Vintage Television restorer and collector or tube-radio hobbyist. When UHF was making its debut, most TV's needed such an add-on device as this to receive all those new-fangled channels.You find it listed here on the "radio" page, as I am told these things can be used to tune certain radio frequencies, as well as UHF TV channels. This one is continuously tuned, which is what makes all the difference to the radio buff. I leave it to the astute reader to discern which frequencies; how; and why the FCC may frown on such practices in these modern times of little personal privacy. 2 tubes, in place, AC-powered. I believe it works, but we don't have a UHF channel within range, nor did I catch any cell phone calls when I hooked it up to an old television receiver. Oops! I guess the "secret's" out now! Well, buy it for it's intended use, if not, don't say I didn't warn you about the FCC! "AS-IS", no returns.


Near Ugly Grade Zenith Trans-Oceanic TO-3000 Multiband Radio

An affordable example of a truly collectible and highly sought-after radio! When I received it in a trade with a collector of tube radios who wasn't interested in transistorized units, there was a bad intermittent in the band switch and other problems. The intermittent I traced to a loose detent wheel, a note to all you Zenith restorators out there! There was also extensive damage to the tuning coils inside the set, from a heavy-handed repair job, gone very bad. After many hours of tinkering, and a few pirated parts from a donor radio, I finally got it to tune something on all bands except FM. This I did not consider a real loss, as the true joy of this series of radios is their ability to tune in distant shortwave and AM stations, with its huge 5 foot whip and "Wavemagnet" antenna. It did not have a speaker, so I found one that would work, but it is not a "proper" Zenith replacement, being too small. I had hoped to be able to bring this radio a bit closer to original condition, but finally contented myself with just making it work. The case is sound, and has the original front cover, but someone had removed the leather and spray-painted it, which is now busily flaking off. The manual was still stuck in the cover, but was water-damaged beyond repair. The original owner's sticker is intact in the rear cover, and the original antennas are complete and functional. Some coil covers are missing, and I would call the circuitry "near-ugly" grade, but all parts seem to be there and working, except for the aforementioned speaker, FM and coil problems. I have since located a better speaker and will include it. There is some chrome flaking on the front, a common defect, but the original plasticine tuning dial is intact, in fair to good condition. The battery box was missing, so I cobbled a wire and capacitor to power it with a "wall-wart" transformer. The grill has some staining, the radio shows a lot of use and storage overall, before its eventual fall into shameful disrepair. At least it now works for the most part, and would make a good "user" or parts-donor radio. It does "work", however, it is being sold "AS-IS", no returns.


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GE Handheld 40 Channel CB Radios

We have four of these, two are new in the box, two saw one season's use.Each includes 12 volt lighter plug and "rubber duck" antenna. We recommend you remove the 8 AA batteries when not in use, as a small amount of current is drawn from them to keep a channel memory active, which eventually runs them down.

$15.00 each for new, $10.00 each used,

or all four just $40.00

Gran Prix Multiband


So truly memorable, it didn't need a model number! Original, essentially intact, works ok, but not exceptionally. Top section or two of antenna broken off, plus the usual "garage radio" wear, but basically pretty clean-looking. Working AM and FM bands, with a combined Aircraft/Public Service Band/Weather Band covering 108 to 175mc, or from just above the FM band to include the "low-band" police and fire frequencies. I tuned our local weather band with it, and copied police transmissions and some air traffic. Built-in power cord, or runs on C batteries. Got a garage? Well, here's your radio! No garage? Get one built, then we'll talk! Sold in "working" condition, "AS-IS", no returns.


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