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Updated October 28, 2009

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Commercial Trades Institute Training Gear

Interesting pair of tube-driven devices as used for training with CTI. The panels sport chicken-head knobs and retro artwork. One has a Channel Selector and is ac-transformer-powered. The other is a simple fixed-frequency 4.5, 42.4 and 45 mc signal generator which is powered by the other unit. I believe the transformer is good and tubes should be good also. I have no info on these. "AS-IS"


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Heath Color Bar Generator

Tube-driven Heath Model IG 62 color bar generator. Working when stored, no cables, ac-powered. "AS-IS"


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General Radio 1551-B Decibel Meter

I picked this up at an auction with some other gear. It was marked "mike bad", there was no mike attached, but it appears to be a standard three prong connector. However, the original mike was probably calibrated or at least matched to the unit. Appears intact, looks real clean for vintage test gear. Has 6 "peanut" tubes: four CK512AX and two CK6418, and one early-type RCA 2N105 transistor. Other than the missing microphone, it seems well-cared for. I have no other info to report, except have you ever priced one of these babies out? Try $700.00! "AS-IS", no returns.


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Heath V-70A VTVM

Stand up if you know what "VTVM" stands for! It's "Vacuum Tube Volt Meter", in case you are from the "digital" generation. The VTVM was the "ideal" test instrument, as it presented a very high impedance at the probes, which has the least effect on the circuit you are trying to measure. A bit dirty and shop-worn, it worked when I had it out last. Meter cover is loose, but pointer and movement are intact and operational. Probes included as shown in photo. AC-powered, with a single C cell for ohm tests. "AS-IS", no returns.


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Jackson Electric VOM

More cryptic acronyms, "VOM", in this case, means Volt Ohm Meter. Jackson made quality instruments and this model was no exception. Sensitive low-ranges. No probes or cables with this unit, shop-used and a bit dirty and/or rusty inside. As I am recalling, one tube may have an open filament, I will have to check to verify that. "AS-IS", no returns.

$25.00  Sale Pending 1/18/2018

Sony N110 Power Amplifier - Bad Transformer

I have verified by substitution that a failed primary in the transformer is the only problem with this 100wpc module power amp. I tried, but could not get at the primary's lead-ins to look for a break. I may have a transformer that will operate this amp. If I find and install it , I'll perhaps keep the amp or ask more for it. For the moment, it's being offered as a parts unit. To save shipping, I'll remove the transformer on request or try to locate a good one. User-grade cabinet.


Vintage Transistor Amplifier

This is an oldie! Might be commercial or a kit.  Hand-wired, rivet on hardboard construction. Two 2N1251 oval transistors installed, untested, a couple early miniature capacitors and transformers. A third hole suggests the failed transistor was removed and lost. The board is broken. Offered as a curiousity/collectible for the early transistor boys.

$5.00 As-Is

RCA WG-357A I.F. Diode

With box and info sheet.


Glowcoil for Blackstone

What the heck is this? A Ham radio part or an igniter for a heater?? Has a heating element and high-temp wire. In original box with unbroken seal.

$5.00 Just guessing here, folks!

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