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Updated October 26, 2007

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IN STOCK - Natural Surface Meteorite Specimens

We always try to have on hand some small meteorite specimens available at low cost for testing or other purposes. They're great to check your detector's response to a known sample of some well-known meteorite types. These specimens are in a very natural state, with the original surface intact. Besides their usefulness as test specimens, they are genuinely interesting and unique objects from space, and would make a great addition to any meteorite or mineral collection.

Ordering info: Send an e-mail with your order. Mailing address: Ed Gerken, POB 747, Hill City, SD 57745. I pay the postage on smaller specimens. On larger specimens or outside of the Continental US, the actual postage amount will be added to your order.

My source for specimens is drying up. I may not be able to restock once these are sold, but I'll try to locate a new wholesaler.
Please e-mail for more info.

Happy Hunting! -Ed Gerken

NWA Stony Iron

Northwest Africa

The Northwest African specimens are an affordable way to purchase some very rare and interesting types of meteorites. Most are stony irons, such as this unusually textured and colored meteorite. Two views of the same specimen are shown.

20.1 gram, $1.00/gram

$20.00 SOLD OUT


Approx. 21 grams each, $2.99/gram, your choice

$63.00 each


Henbury, Iron Octahedrite fragments
Northern Territory, Australia

An historic fall of perhaps two thousand years ago in Central Australia, ancestral news of which was carried by the Aborigine tribes to the University of South Australia, and the site of the fall and the associated thirteen craters were located in May of 1931.

We have an assortment of approximately 21 gram specimens. Specimen #2 is SOLD.

$3.40 per gram. One specimen left. 2.8 gram



Imilac, Chile
Stony-Iron Pallasite

Preserved by the extremely dry climate, they are rusted and weathered nonetheless.
Much of the Olivine has weathered away, leaving these strange nickle-iron shapes.
Found in the Atacama Desert near Imilac, Chile, discovered in1822.

$9.95 Sold Out!


Sikhote-Alin, Eastern Siberia
Iron Meteorite

Originating from the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars, it entered Earth's atmosphere above the Sikhote-Alin Mountains on February 12, 1947. The fall was widely witnessed and reported. The main meteor entered the earth intact, then split into several large fragments some of which exploded on impact or while still airborne. Many of the fragments show some degree of heating and ablation, depending on how long they were exposed to the friction of entry into the atmosphere. Scientifically speaking, they are way cool!

Sikhotes are becoming scarce of late and their cost has more than doubled, but we still have a source for some smaller specimens. I didn't have an accurate scale to weigh the specimens at left, but I estimate them at 2 to 3 grams apiece.

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