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Page Updated March 23, 2009

Welcome to

Ed Gerken's

TI99/4a page!

NEW! Notes on running Mac V9T9!

Download as a text file or click then copy to a text editor for easier viewing.


Timer 6.04, Catman and other Extended BASIC programs

on a real TI Disk!

Email me to receive all these programs on a TI99-format DSSD 5 1/4" disk.

Just $5 to defray my time and costs. Reply to the email above!

NEW! Or, get a CD with of my entire Mac V9T9 folder and other emulation programs and files for both Mac and Windos/DOS for just $10! 

Get Catman and Timer for Free! Download an archive of Timer
and associated programs

Download Catman Disk Catalog Manager V2.13


CATMAN 2.13 V9T9 format Stuffit file


NEW! Cat214list.txt
(program listing in text, not TI99 format) Download as a text file or click then copy to a text editor for easier viewing. The only difference betwqeen 2.13 and 2.14 is I updated it to my current address. It is no longer POB 337 as shown in my older programs. It is now POB 747, go to the bottom of this page to see my contact info.

I did a test download of both of the above files and they decompressed and worked fine in Mac V9T9. Hopefully one of these will help eliminate some of the browser-related gibberish issues. It may still be gibberish, but it shouldn't be the browser's fault!

New version 2.13 allows turning the printer on or off, but some portions of the program are still incompatible with Mac V9T9. Runs fine "native" on an actual TI system. As noted above, not all of the various options will run properly under V9T9, so this file is still in the testing stages. A Mac V9T9 file, but may port properly to a PC. I don't have a PC to test this out, though.


NEW! Xmodem transfer + V9T9 of Timer 6.04 & Catman.sit

Same, in .exe format Self-extracting for Windows

Plus other files in ".sea" self-extracting archive. This is the big Kabloona. Includes both TI Xmodem and V9T9 folders. Ready to place in V9T9, or convert to your emulator or port back to a TI disk to run on an actual TI99. Includes earlier v6.02 cassette/disk-compatible version for a TI99 console-only system and also a no-speech cassette/disk compatible version.

TIMER6.04 DSK1.exe (self-extracting V9T9 format)

Includes docs, support programs. Decompresses to a folder called DSK1, which you place in your V9T9 directory. Be sure to rename or move any DSK1 folder you may already have in there.

TIMER6.04 DSK1.sit V9T9 Stuffit Archive

Same as latest version above, but in Mac Stuffit format. Archiver III is not needed, but Stuffit is. I did a test download of both of the above files and they decompressed and worked fine in Mac V9T9.

Timer Docs Part One      Timer Docs Part Two

The above docs are the most current version. They are newer than the docs included in the DSK1 files above..These are straight text files. Download with a right click (PC) or control click (Mac) for viewing offline or click then copy to a text editor for easier viewing.

Timer Program Listing

Straight text file of the XB program listing. Download as a text file or click then copy to a text editor for easier viewing.

MARCH 19, 2009- It appears there was a problem with my older files. There was some sort of download, browser incompatibility, conversion or emulation issues at work. People reported these downloads were downloaded as gibberish text files. The offending files have been removed.

The above are new files just added on March 18th, 2009, and should download properly. If you still have problems, try using Firefox or Safari, and right click in Windows or Control click on a Mac to download, rather than view the files.

Stuffit Expander is required for the ".sit" files. The ".exe" files should be self-expanding. Mac users may have to drag the file onto their Stuffit Expander app if double clicking them won't work.

The individual files in this DSK1 folder are identified on my Mac as MPEG video, text, C source, Unix, etc. They are converted TI files, and thus, their file types may not be correctly interpreted by modern computers. Mac V9T9 handles them just fine and that's the only TI emulator I have any experience with. If someone using Windows or DOS would report to me, I'd be happy to include the info here.

I run MacV9T9 0.2.1a2 (by Raphael Nabet, no longer supported), which is based on the PC_DOS version V9T9 6.0 (by Ed Swatrz, no longer supported. The Mac version's disk emulation is incomplete according to the author's own admission, and I don't have a PC/Windows machine set up to do any tests on Swartz's DOS version. It may be that Ed Swartz's V9T9 disk emulation routines are different from Nabet's method.

Besides these issues, there are also several other TI99/4A emulations available that have their own file formats and system requirements. I'm really only trying to share a few TI-XB programs I wrote a long time ago. I'm attempting to provide them in a useable format, but it's proving difficult.

Even once you have the Timer programs up and running, you may find other incompatibilities with either the particular emulation or perhaps also with your computer's operating system being incompatible with these decade+ old emulations.

For instance, the Mac version of V9T9 sometimes has problems cataloging a TI "disk" with certain programs, but not others. Large XB programs, such as TIMER and CATMAN, which are stored in IV/254 format, cannot be edited and resaved on the Mac. Smaller XB programs can be edited and saved, but not these large ones.

This means that if I want to make a simple edit, I have to do that on an actual TI, then send it by Xmodem to the Mac and finally convert it to V9T9 format. This makes supporting the program "in emulation" tedious at best, with a very limited audience and no compensation other than supporting our beloved TI.

MacV9T9 runs better under an older, pre-oxX system. It will run under Classic, but  choosing the largest screen size makes it hang. System 9 works, but probably System 7.5 or 8 might be better yet.

On the PC side, the program is very out of date, written for DOS, and a little difficult to understand and install.

Don't expect to be able to just install all the files and have it work immediately. I probably can't offer muich help, but email if you hit a snag. For sure email me if you find something that works!!

Meanwhile, for anyone who really wants to try these programs, I'll mail out a TI99-format DSSD 5 1/4" disk for just $5 to defray my time and costs. Reply to the email above!

Timer's main menu. Check out the date typo!
Y2k, or Ynot2k?

A sequence in progress.

A simple XB loader program with a twist. After a brief delay, it will auto-load the first program in the list, no keypress needed! Or simply press the number of any program before the delay runs out. Easily edited XB. Useful when you typically run one primary program, but ocassionally run a support program or two.

File Reader is a program by Tom Burke which I modified to make viewing the doc files easier. Drawpoker was written by Manual Constantinidis of the Australia National TI99 User Club. Time 7 is an early update attempt that was never finished, but much of the new code from that version was later incorporated into Timer v6.04.

Screenshots from the programs!

New Version Note:
The newest version of Catman, v2.13, is available for download separately at the top of the page. The major change between v2.12f and v2.13 is the ability to disable the printer.

Catman was written to create a TI-Writer or Funnelweb compatible catalog of an entire TI disk library. Catman can also convert the catalog to a TI-Base compatible database file, or print catalogs from within the program itself. This version, 2.12f, will run under V9T9, but the catalog option crashes the program, since it is not possible to disable the printer without rewriting the program. An apparent bug in V9T9, or at least in the Mac version of it, makes it impossible to directly edit large XB programs, such as Timer or Catman, that are stored in Internal/Variable 254 format (Int/Var254, IV254). Using Mac V9T9 to re-save large programs of filetype IV254 changes the filetype to PROGRAM, and the changed program will no longer load. Such programs must have the original edited on an actual TI console, and then re-ported to the Mac to work properly. Beyond that, it also seems that certain file operations do not complete correctly under V9T9 as they do when using an actual TI99. Unfortunately, this includes the disk cataloging portion of Catman, so the library function still doesn't work correctly under Mac V9T9.

If anyone has found a way around these drawbacks, please send me an e-mail! Until I get Catman rewritten to work with Mac V9T9, you'll have to content yourself with this version, which does work fine on a TI system. This file is in V9T9 format, I don't know if it will port directly back to a TI without some reverse conversion being done first. If I get an interested e-mail or two, I may try to do the rewrite to make Catman work correctly under V9T9.






t603arc xm


Since this is just a small startup page, you won't find a lot of TI99 content here yet. Till we get the site expanded a bit, scroll down to the links below and take a moment to browse some of our other pages on the web. My wife, Sandy, and I have many hobbies and interests, and we both enjoy preparing fossils for a living. Just click on any of the links you find here, and enjoy your visit!

It is gratifying to see there are still a few TI die-hards using and enjoying the system. (Thanks, Rich Polivka and all the rest of you!!) As you can see by the TI screenshots above, I have switched to a Macintosh platform, but I still keep a full TI setup and I'm experimenting with the Mac V9T9 programs. I have yet to find a programming language for the Mac that can replace what I used to do in Extended Basic on the TI, but with Mac V9T9, I can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Besides dabbling with programming in EXB, I hacked my TI hardware as well, adding disk drives, fabricating cables and scratching together enough parts to keep things working. It was more from a lack of funds that I cobbled things together as I did, but I learned many hardware tricks about the TI along the way. I'd be happy to test my own memory "circuits" if anyone needs a little hint or kink to help hook up their old TI or keep it operating. I used to be pretty good at multiple floppy drive setups and null modem cables between various computer systems. What I still remember after 5 or 10 years is anybody's guess, but I'd be glad to try to help anyone who asks.

Like everybody else who accumulated TI items from flea markets and yard sales, I've also got the shed crammed with boxes of TI magazines, catalogs, manuals, cartridges, cassettes and disks, drives, consoles, systems and etc. If somebody has a part they desperately need, or is seeking an item missing from their own collection, I may have one or two lurking about. For a reasonable fee, of course! Hey, for the price of a used iMac, some lucky soul might just get a whole mess of TI stuff!

TI recollections aside, photography has been my steady career over the years, and I still use my TI to time darkroom processes with a program I wrote especially to handle the long series of individually timed steps. As it turns out, the program is flexible enough to handle many other timing tasks as well. I am offering Timer and some associated programs here for free download to anyone who can make use of them.

The advent of the "Digital Age" may have made darkrooms as "obsolete" as the TI99 was presumed to be years ago, but there may be a few of you out there who still enjoy the art and craft of watching your prints appear in the developer tray. If so, I hope you find my program useful, and I'd appreciate hearing from you about it!

Thanks for visiting!


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