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Ed Gerken's
Trails of Time
Archive of Historical Photographs


Historic Reprints

Updated 12/2/2009

Please note: Photographic reprints are no longer available. My darkroom has sat unused for too many years. If there's a particular image or two you're interested in, I'd be happy to provide them digitally by email. Otherwise, order the CD and feel free to have any of them digitally reprinted locally or online. Thanks! -Ed Gerken, Dec. 2, 2009.

Volume 1 or 2, just $14.95 each postpaid

Special! Volumes 1 & 2 combined on one CD, just $18.95 each postpaid

(international orders may require additional postage)

We accept paypal, check or money order.

Our Address

Our mailing address for sending payment is: Ed Gerken, Trails of Time, POB 747, Hill City, SD 57745. Our phone number is 605-574-2051. If at all possible, please restrict your telephone calls to normal business hours. We prefer e-mail for most correspondence.

About the original photos

Most of the photos in my archive were provided by the owners of the images. Our copies were duplicated from the original prints, or when available, from the original glass plates or film negatives. Some are reproduced from old books, brochures and magazines. A very few are second-generation duplicates. We did not overlook any chance at acquiring a new image for our collection, even if the quality was not as high as one might hope. Better any copy than no copy at all. Fortunately, most all are sharp and clear, but some of the originals were smudged, written on, scratched, torn, a bit grainy or blurry and faded, or otherwise showing their age. Such defects will often still be visible in the reproduction, but we make every effort to craft a quality reprint showing as much of the original detail as we can.

E-Mail or Mail of Scanned Photos

Contact us with your wants and your intented use, and we will give you a quote to provide digital scans from my archives via e-mail. Prices will approximate regular 5x7 print prices, depending on various factors. For casual personal use, I'll email a few at no cost.

Quantity Discounts

Volumes 1 and 2 are available for sale by book dealers, retailers and resellers. Contact us for prices.

Copyright Issues

Most of the images in my archive have been acquired one at a time from the images' original owners or their decendants. Some have been reproduced from state-produced publications dating from the 1920's, which being paid for by the public, are already in the public domain. Other publications we have excerpted photos from are in excess of 90 years old. It is doubtful that any copyright remains in force on any of this material, much of it was never copyrighted, and is therefore all in the public domain. Most standard copyrights expire after 75 or 80 years, or 20 years after the owner has himself expired, but there are possible exceptions if ownership had been transferred within a certain time frame. I am unaware of any copyrights still in effect on any of this material, other than my own copyright, which I have placed on this entire site and its contents to help protect the owners of the original photographs. If there is any question as to ownership of any image that I have displayed on this webite, e-mail me with further information that indicates possible current ownership, and I will gladly remove the questionable material from this site.

Thanks for Visiting!

We hope you enjoy browsing our archive. Our intent is to make these photographs available to as many people as possible. Having carefully saved these reproductions for most of the past three decades, we have come to recognize their importance as a part of the permanent record of the settlement and development of the Black Hills. The ideal would be to eventually have the entire collection labelled, sorted, categorized and available on-line. We don't expect to sell many reprints, but we do hope that many people will take the time to view and perhaps gain some use from the collection.

Just Keep Making History

It gives our historians something to do!

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