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Volume Two

May 31, 2004

  List of all hi-resolution photos on the Volume Two "Deadwood" CD and a few sample thumbs.

Scans of text pages from books, some illustrations and low-res photos not listed here.

ad drilling

black hills copper stock

branch mint 800ft

branch mint bond

branch mint bond back

branch mint stock

buenos ayres claim

buenos ayres claim back


calamity rock


camp meal

central city2

central city 1890

central city 1898

central city 1912

central city 1912 back

central city early

calamity jane

calamity jane2

calamity jane toast



deadwood2 back

deadwood 1876

deadwood 1894 photoamerica

deadwood 1898

deadwood 1906 franklin promo

deadwood 1907

deadwood 1 1898

deadwood 2 1898

deadwood 3rrs

deadwood 4th

deadwood 4th 1878

deadwood 4th

deadwood 6 silly hats

deadwood bartlett brickyard

deadwood black hills denver gold mime

deadwood black hills denver spruce gulch

deadwood bodega bar 1900s

deadwood brown rocks

deadwood buffbill wild bill back

deadwood buffbill wild bill grave 1913

deadwood bullock hotel

deadwood calamity jane

deadwood calamity jane2

deadwood calamity pose 1898

deadwood carriage on bridge

deadwood cyanide mill 1898

deadwood depot flood riders

deadwood downtown 1920

deadwood downtown 1910

deadwood elgin creamery

deadwood elk horn rr 1898

deadwood fairmont hotel

deadwood fairmont hotel back

deadwood flood 1909

deadwood flood 1909 2

deadwood flood depot damage

deadwood flood hanging tracks

deadwood flood high deadwood

deadwood flood may1909

deadwood flood rr repair

deadwood flood sagging bridge

deadwood flood sale gumbiners

deadwood flood sinking house

deadwood flood stacking rr ties

deadwood flood steam laundry

deadwood flood washout rr

deadwood flood whitewood cr

deadwood flood whitewood cr back

deadwood forest hill

deadwood forest hill 1898

deadwood franklin dining

deadwood franklin home

deadwood franklin hotel

deadwood franklin parlor

deadwood gas station

deadwood golden reward2 1898

deadwood golden reward mill 1898

deadwood goldstake ad

deadwood goldstake tunnel

deadwood golden reward dumping slag

deadwood golden reward feed floor

deadwood golden reward matte floor

deadwood golden reward running slag

deadwood golden reward slag run

deadwood golden reward smelter

deadwood golden reward tapping matte

deadwood gulch milk ranch

deadwood haines dept

deadwood hawley piano

deadwood hidden fortune

deadwood hidden fortune 2

deadwood hidden fortune cyanide

deadwood hidden fortune mill

deadwood hidden fortune mill 2

deadwood hidden fortune ore

deadwood hidden fortune stamps

deadwood hotel stones cut

deadwood imperial cyanide mill

deadwood ingleside 1898

deadwood in winter

deadwood kodak envelope

deadwood kodak envelope inside

deadwood kodak envelope pics

deadwood last stagecoach

deadwood lead home w family

deadwood lead overview

deadwood main

deadwood masonic hall

deadwood mcgovern h

deadwood mchugh 1905 in bar

deadwood mchugh inlaws

deadwood mchugh wedding

deadwood montezuma

deadwood needle pt rock 1898

deadwood of today

deadwood pluma mill 1898

deadwood pluma mill 2 1898

deadwood pototo ck johnny

deadwood queen tippie

deadwood ready for dining

deadwood rex mine office

deadwood rossiter cyanide

deadwood rr washout

deadwood saloon 10

deadwood saloon 10 back

deadwood scene ladies

deadwood scenic wonder rr

deadwood scenic wonder rr2

deadwood seth bullock

deadwood smelter 1898

deadwood stagecoach

deadwood stage robbers 1876

deadwood stone bridge 1898

deadwood treasure coach

deadwood treasure coach holdup

deadwood uncle jim allen 76er

deadwood wasp no2

deadwood wild bill standing

deadwood wild bill grave 1895

deadwood whitewood ck 1898

deadwood white rocks

deadwood white rocks 1898

deadwood white rocks 2 1898

deadwood wilcox pharm photo

deadwood wildbill

deadwood wild bills grave

deadwood wild bills grave2

deadwood zollners clothing

deadwood zollner bros store


elizabethtown crop

elizabethtown woodcut

elk creek

elk creek knife blade rock



franklin mining stock


galena log cabin


galena mayor moll home


golden gate central city

gold standard stock


hill city birdseye

hill city birdseye back

homestake extension carriages

homestake ext.crooked crowd

homestake ext. crooked photog

homestake extension group at bldg

homestake extension group at mine

homestake ext. group at sdsmt const

homestake ext.

homestake extension in winter

homestake extension log cabin lady

homestake ext. cabin lady w guys

homestake extension mine

homestake ext.n miners probably

homestake extension mining men

homestake ext. ne hs mc 1905

homestake ext. snowfight francis

hidden fortune

hidden fortune back

hidden fortune stock



homestake 1898

homestake 1905

homestake 1907

homestake 1907 2

homestake 1907 fire sdhs

homestake 1910

homestake 1910 back

homestake 1930s

homestake 1930s back

homestake 2

homestake assay ofc 1898

homestake birdseye

homestake birdseye back

homestake ca 1907

homestake color embossed

homestake color embossed back

homestake columbus gold mill

homestake columbus hoist

homestake company homes

homestake cyanide no1

homestake cyanide plant

homestake drifting 1400ft 1908

homestake drillers engineers 1907

homestake ellison

homestake ellison hoist 1907

homestake embossed

homestake fred manuel

homestake george hearst

homestake gold bricks

homestake gold bricks back

homestake hand drilling

homestake hoistworks 1898

homestake hoist 1898

homestake lead ellison hoist

homestake mech dept 1918

homestake mills

homestake mill tables 1888

homestake mine

homestake miners in the stoop 1907

homestake moses manuel

homestake old smoky hauling ore

homestake open cut

homestake open cut fake

homestake ore crusher

homestake ore train 1100ft 1908

homestake plat of claim

homestake railstop 800ft 1908

homestake shift change

homestake shift change 1908

homestake shop wwi 1918

homestake supts home 1898

homestake tables

homestake tables 1898

homestake timbering color

homestake timbering stopes 1908

homestake timber set

homestake triple rr

hoist operator and miners





lead 1898

lead 1908

lead 1932

lead 2

lead 3

lead 6th grade 1897

lead berger dept store

lead city

lead city 1898

lead columbus hoist

lead columbus ore bins

lead cowins candy

lead creek

lead dickenson drug

lead east trestles

lead fink jewelers

lead glover gold

lead gushurst grocery


lead hearst school 1911

lead home2

lead hotel smead

lead hotel smead 2

lead main st july4th

lead mile high

lead miners union

lead ns feed floor

lead ns horseshoe gm

lead ns slag run

lead ns tapping matte

lead on main

lead opera stage

lead oro hondo ad

lead oro hondo hoist

lead oro hondo shaft

lead pluma mill

lead rr ave

lead saloon

lead shovel oops

lead smiths furniture

lead southside

lead steam laundry

lead sunnyside

lead sunnyside 2

lead sunnyside ca 1907

lead tier of rrs 1907

lead tier of rrs 1907 back

maitland mill 2

maitland mill const 1900s

maitland mill crew

maitland penobscot

maitland penobscot mill

maitland penobscot mine

miners lunch 1907

mining an open cut

montana mine


parade 1890

parade rr

postcard 3 cards of gents

postcard 3 ladies

postcard cabin gathering

postcard cafe frequenter

postcard donkey mchugh w girl

postcard euro dandy

postcard formal couple

postcard frenzied finance

postcard girl w dog

postcard girl w dog crop

postcard hat n fur

postcard headed your way

postcard mchugh family

postcard mchugh friends

postcard mchugh whiskey barrel

postcard mchugh w donkey

postcard mchugh w wife

postcard missus mule mchugh

postcard missus w dove sketch

postcard portrait lady color

postcard sandys dilemma

postcard seeing denver barrow

postcard send money

postcard silly pose

postcard spoonin

postcard studio joyride

postcard studio motorcoach

postcard typical cabin 1907

postcard whiskey valentine

postcard winnepeg xmas

postcard xmas card

pierre to deadwood bull train

potato creek johnny


roubaix clover leaf gold

roubaix clover leaf mine

roubaix clover leaf miners

sherman sdhs

signal rock

signal rock cap

spruce gulch

stillwell letter

stillwell nat hist

treasure coach

terraville open cut


terryville 1898

terry 1880

terry birdseye

terry camp 1898

terry micado ore bin

terry miners sdhs

terry ore train

terry peak view

terry peak view to lead

terry pk chair lift

terry pk chair lift back




wild bill coffee mug

wild bill grave

wild bill tutt

wild bill wrldbk

wilson cabin on big lead

wilson lead

wilson lead blacksmith

wilson pack outfit

wilson trip backs

Deadwood in 1876.

Lead looking west on Main, undated.

May 24, 1907, Lead's "Sunnyside."

"Miners at work in the stoop."
Dated May 24, 1907

An enticing color postcard view of
"a few day's cleanup"
from the Homestake Mine.

There is some supposition that
this is the earliest known photograph
of Central City, 1878.

Terry in 1880.

White Rocks, Deadwood, 1902.

Needle Point Rock, ca. 1898.

Brown Rocks at Deadwood, color postcard.

Stock for the Franklin Mine.

Deadwood in 1894

Bodega Bar, Deadwood, ca 1900's.

Deadwood Dick Dime Novel.

Conzett's cabin in Galena, 1904.
It served as a fort in even earlier days.

Pioneer of Deadwood,
Uncle Jim Allen, 1876.

Woocut of Elizabethtown
from a loose page, source unknown.
The same woodcut appeared with
a different caption in Scribner's
famous 1877 article which attracted
countless fortune-seekers to the
Black Hills Gold Rush in Deadwood.

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