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Sharpshooter II

Introducing...the SHARP SHOOTER II Metal Detector with Target ID system. Easy operation, No-Motion All Metal Mode with Automatic Ground Balance, VLF Motion Discriminate, Auto Notch, a Disc/Auto Notch width control for elimination of unwanted objects. An accurate LCD Target Identification and Mode Indicator Readout with Ultra Slow Sweep VLF Discrimination--outstanding features at an affordable price! Take aim at more Treasure with the SHARP SHOOTER!

Three Tone Audio Discrimination, No-Motion All Metals Threshold pinpointing and powerful depth capabilities make your hunting easier and more rewarding. Notch and Auto Notch eliminate pull tabs and still detect nickels and most gold rings. Detects coins up to 12 inches.

LCD Target Readout

S-Bar Handle System

Interchangeable Coil

Touchpad Selection

Disc/Notch Control

Sensitivity Control

Automatic Ground Balance

1/4-Inch Headphone Jack

8-Inch Open-Face Coil

Sharp Shooter Faceplate Features

Target ID Readout: Arrows indicate which type of metal or coin denomination is being detected

Mode Indicator: Indicates mode of operation.

Low Battery Indicator: Located at the center of the faceplate/comes on when batteries are low

Headphone Jack: Can be either used with headphones or without (requires 1/4" plug)

4-Mode Touchpad Selection: For selection of Disc/All Metal/Notch/Auto Notch Modes

Disc/Notch Level Control: Allows for fine tuning the Discrimination Level for both Disc and Notch modes of operation.

The Target ID will "lock" onto a target and hold a reading until another target is detected. The Target Mode indicator will have one arrow pointing to the mode of operation being used. Until another mode of operation is chosen, the arrow remains allowing a constant visual reference of what mode of operation is being used.

The Low Battery indicator will come on and stay on when batteries are low.

Audio Target Identification

The 3-Tone Audio Discrimination categorizes metal targets under 3 audio output possibilities.

When operating in the DISC MODE, detected targets will have three distinct tone categories for helpful identification of the detected item.

With some practice, it is easy to be able to determine most of the time what type of metal is being detected just by the tones being emitted by the Sharp Shooter.

Comes with 8" Open-Face Waterproof Searchcoil.

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