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Page updated July 30, 2012

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These pages have seen many thankful and supportive visitors since April, 2009, I hope you'll find my collection of saved manuals, tips and other info helpful in your search.

Happy Hunting! -Ed Gerken

Bounty Hunter Manuals, Tips & Techniques, Tech info, History and More! Click the Links and Explore our site.

1976 Bounty Hunter Catalog

Updated with links to manuals


Bounty Hunter

Metal Detectors

BH 8400 shown

Updated 12/2010

Teknetics Metal Detectors

Info and manuals for Vintage Tek detectors and the T2

Updated 12/2010

Bounty Hunter Advertising

Recent & current Bounty Hunters

Updated 12/2010

Bounty Hunter Time Ranger

Updated 7/2012

Time Ranger V4 vs. Time Ranger V2 info just added!

Bounty Hunter Articles, Tips & Tech

Updated 12/2010

Radio Shack - Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors

Updated January 2011

Manuals are now Online!

Go to the individual links or click here for the master list

LOTS of Vintage Bounty Hunter Detector Manuals in text or PDF 

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