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Radio Shack

Micronta 3001


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63-3001 Micronta 3001

Deluxe Metal Detector

Page created December, 2010
Updated January 18, 2018

My wife still has this early 1980's detector that was owned by her parents. It's a pretty basic early TR design, manufactured for Radio Shack by Alert, who made numerous budget detectors back in those days.

The four of us used it hunting together in 1981 and her mom and I found a buried porcelain cookstove with it. Ok, I guess a cookstove would be an easy target to locate, but it was still a cool find - an entirely buried early 1900's wood-fired cookstove! Unfortunately, it was buried on edge with only one corner facing up, so the bottom of it was around 5 feet down and it was entirely filled with soil. Amazingly, the outer porcelain sides we exposed were still white. Once we realized the task before us, late in the day with only one-shovel to dig with, we were forced to abandon our excavation. Too bad, Hilda really wanted that stove for her yard, and it would've meant a bucketload of brownie points for her future son-in-law!

Thirty years later, this is still a basic TR machine. It might be interesting to see if it has any of the iron-unmasking qualities of other early analog TR-based detectors. At least it came with the schematic!

We have the manual, reproduced below. Click the thumbnails for enlargements.

1/18/2018: An astute visitor has reported the original published Radio Shack schematic is in error. The part deisgnation of 9012 is correct, but the circuit must be redrawn to reflect the fact it is a PNP device and not NPN as drawn and should be changed due to the opposite polarity of PNP. 37 years later, now we know. I'd call Radio Shack, but I don't think they'll answer. LOL! But I would appreciate an email from anyone who cares or if this tidbit has helped.

63-3001 Micronta TR/IB Manual

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