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63-3007 Discovery 2000

Page created December, 2010

My hopes are that this page will help someone to compare the various Radio Shack models with their Bounty Hunter equivalents. I have manuals for most of the models listed here in either text or PDF format and just finished putting them online.

Not all Radio Shack detectors are made by Bounty Hunter, but the majority certainly are. So many variations of Bounty Hunter models have been offered by national retailers as well as directly from Bounty Hunter, that it can become very confusing about which model does what. If you buy one at a yard sale and don't receive the manual, you can be lost. Radio Shack doesn't support older models very well, and a lot of the info that was posted on metal detecting forums has also faded and disappeared over the years. As a die-hard Bounty Hunter fan, I more or less took it upon myself to help preserve and explain as much of it as I could. I've gathered and copied a wealth of info in the past 10 years and I'm now sharing it with others via these pages.

Some of these detector designs go back quite a ways to earlier technologies, though some are modernized at least in their appearance, if not their function. Though the technology may be dated, there is nothing intrinsically wrong with the basic VLF and VLF/TR detectors. Matter of fact, most all modern detectors still use the same VLF/TR concepts. Some very knowledgeable people continue to prefer vintage analog designs over the latest digital counterparts, but these people might do better by seeking out an older Compass or White's model, for example, or perhaps even better, a genuine vintage Bounty Hunter, like one of the Red Baron or Big Bud series, rather than a "lowly" Micronta 4003.

Generally speaking, I would not expect as much for depth, ground-handling and discrimination in some VLF or VLF/TR models, such as the 63-3001 TR/IB. the 63-3003 Micronta 4003 and budget-priced 63-3005 VLF, for examples, when compared to more modern designs. Back in 1980, the 63-3003 Micronta 4003 was "state of the art" VLF/TR technology. While some other companies at the time may have done it better, many of them are no longer in business, so there's perhaps something to be said about that. The Micronta 4003 is itself no longer manufactured, but many units have survived and continue to resurface with new owners who don't know what they have, but are eager to try it out.

The 63-3005 VLF is simply a budget model aimed at new and/or youthful detectorists and quite honestly, is easily improved upon. If you're still shopping, look instead for a Tracker IV, a Discovery 1 or any of the many models above them. But, no matter which model you have, we're here to help you learn to use it!

Regardless of the many diverse opinions on this analog versus digital subject, you're much more likely to come upon one of these older Radio Shack detectors at an affordable price than you are a nice, vintage White's or Compass model. So I log my observations and info equally on them all, the same as I would any other Bounty Hunter machine, and try to leave it to the reader to decide.

As mentioned, there are several models that are indeed very similar to Bounty Hunter detectors, if not exact clones. Back in 2002, I logged these similarities and differences into a list that has been widely copied and distributed ever since. You can read the full list here, and also copied below. In 2002, Radio Shack was just then coming out with the Discovery 1100, 2200 and 3300 models. Unfortunately, I let my attention to this list slide since those days, but it's still a useful resource for these earlier models. I did however, continue to collect info! Consider these pages as a direct result of my original list. It's grown into what you might call a List II VLF/SED, if you will! ;^)

Some of the info in my list is apparently subject to opinion. Some models appear to be twins, while others have a feature added or subtracted. For example, the 63-3008 Discovery 3 looks for all the world to be a BH Big Bud Pro SED (it's pretty obvious that the Big Bud was also the basis for the original Quick Draw). The Discovery 2 also appears patterned after another of the Big Bud series of detectors. And on it goes. But, at least one detectorist expressed the opinion the machines do not necessarily perform the same. This may be easily explained away by variations in manufacture or perhaps he tested a defective machine, but it is equally possible that the two versions differ internally. In fairness, I included his unedited post as part of my list. Truth be known, I've had my personal mitts on way too few of these detectors to have an actual opinion!

Don't overlook the 63-3013 VLF/TR either, as a model with roots possibly based on the Big Bug series. It came it two versions, the newest one seems to be visually at least, a clone of the current BH "VLF" model.

When the original BH company website and forum was dismantled some years past, a ton of info was lost forever. I managed to salvage many manuals by scouring and I've supplanted those with things I've downloaded and copied over the years. The current Bounty Hunter website, still has a ton of info and many current manuals. Rather than duplicate that here, I am instead concentrating on finding and preserving what is hard to find, bordering on lost information. Where else but here can you peek inside a Bounty Hunter 4" coil? You could probably eventually find it all elsewhere or discover it yourself, but having it all logically organized in this one comprehensive source has been my goal.

It's December 25th, 2010. I'm down to this last, very important page, and it feels good. Merry Christmas! (It's now New Year's Day, and I'm done, yahoo!)

A few years back, I asked George Payne, who designed the Red Baron, Big Bud and early Teknetics machines, such as the legendary Mark 1, if he recalled what changes were made when First Texas acquired the Bounty Hunter and Teknetics names and related patents. Sadly, he could not remember well enough to give any details, but you can find some of his writings elsewhere online where he does share some of his recollections of his involvement with these remarkable early designs that have helped to shape metal detecting as it's practiced today.

I put the same question to Dave Johnson, chief engineer at Bounty Hunter today and one remarkable detector designer himself. He has the Fisher Gold Bug, the Teknetics T2 and many other machines under his belt. He also was unable to give any details about these early Bounty Hunter and Teknetics designs and how they compared to Radio Shack or other current BH models. So all we really have to link 1976 to 2011 is what we can discover or unearth ourselves.

While the jury may remain out on the Big Bud versus Discovery 3 question, other relationships between models are more clear-cut, as you'll find by reading the info below and comparing the various Radio Shack metal detectors to the Bounty Hunter models found on our other pages.

In the final analysis, without having one (and preferably several!) of each RS and BH model in hand to compare, inspect and disassemble, there's no way of knowing for sure how "equivalent" they really are. All I can say is this: If I spot one in a yard sale for $10, I'll for sure be picking it up!

Happy Exploring, both here and on the ground! -Ed

63-3001 Micronta TR/IB

63-3003 Micronta 4003 VLF

63-3005 VLF

63-3013 VLF/TR

63-3004 Discovery 2

Related to or derived from the Tracker or Big Bud series.

63-3008 Discovery 3

Related to or derived from the Big Bud series.

63-3011 Discovery 1000

Similar to BH Fast Tracker

63-3007 Discovery 2000

Identical to the Lone Star.
Similar to BH Quick Draw II, except without Depth readout.

63-3012 Discovery 3000

Similar to the BH Sharp Shooter with added Volume control.


Identical to the BH Landstar

Click to enlarge

28-006 Metal Detector Kit

Might make a good hacker project  or use as a pinpointer.
Plant some shallow coins for the toddler to find with it.

I had kinda quit following the model progression around 2002,
when the new generation Discovery detectors were released.
I've read they're actually fairly capable machines.
If you find one cheap, snag it!

I provide the following pdf manuals in case other sources vanish.

Click here to go to the Radio Shack metal detector support page.

I've taken Radio Shack's multiple short documents and combined them into single pages describing each model and added whatever other info I might have. Click the links shown here for my versions.

We have the following Radio Shack Manuals

Radio Shack and Bounty Hunter Cross-Reference

Older BH models that may still be sold at outlets or found used:

Tracker3= Walmart Pioneer VLF?

Bounty Hunter "Big Bud" series = ~ Radio Shack 630-3004 Discovery 2 Metal Detector

BH Big Bud Pro SED = RS 63-3008 Discovery 3 Metal Detector

(Re: Bounty Hunter Model Equivalents

Posted by: greg Sep 25 2002 10:43AM: The radioshack discovery 2 and discovery 3 metal detectors are definitely not big bud clones . i had a discovery 3 and it lacked depth . the big bud series detectors get exceptional depth.the only thing similar with the detectors is the control box and thats it . hh greg)

Current BH models and their "equivalents". =~ means "basically equal with some differences":

Fast Tracker= RS 63-3011 Discovery 1000 Metal Detector

Tracker IV= Walmart Pioneer 101 (also BH Prospector)

QuickDraw II = Walmart Pioneer 202 = JCPenny Lone Star minus depth readout = ~ Radio Shack 63-3007 Discovery 2000 (minus depth indicator)

Sharpshooter II =~ RS 630-3012 Discovery 3000 Metal Detector (same as Sharpshooter, but has a volume)

Land Star = RS 630-3015 =~ Pioneer 505 (lacking manual ground balance)

Bounty hunter 4" coil = RS 630-3014 Discovery 4" Coil System

The Bounty Hunter Challenger is an exclusive model sold by Bass Pro. The Challenger has a large screen display for the "Sensitivity Meter" that visually helps you see the size and strength of your located target.

Other Radio Shack Models, that have no Bounty Hunter Equivalents that I am aware of:

28-006 Detector Kit

630-3001 Metal Detector ---made by Alert

630-3003 VLF Discriminator Metal Detactor (Micronta 4003)

630-3005 Metal Detector

630-3006 Discriminator Metal Detector

630-3013 Metal Detector

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