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White River Prepariun


Here's a new website telling the story of Dracorex.


Discovered in 2003,  the skull is covered in spikes and knobs.
 The dinosaur was christened Dracorex hogwartsia, or "Dragon King of Hogwarts."
It was donated to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis.

Worth a visit, this is one gnarly-looking dinosaur!

Visit Glenn Rocker's PaleoSearch, an excellent website for the finest in fully prepared fossils.

Platecarpus coryphaeus - 
Mosasaur skull with vertebrae
Preparation by White River Preparium.
Photography by Ed's Photo. Click for an enlarged view.

The Mosasaur skull shown at left is just one of the
spectacular fossils that Glenn has handled in the past.
Click on the direct link below to see what he has
in stock now for immediate delivery!

PaleoSearch, Inc.

Hadrosaur skin impression
prepared by White River Prep

visit Ron Buckley's

Hadrosaur jaw with teeth
prepared by White River Prep
photo by Ed's Photo

Ron has amber, minerals, dinosaur teeth, t-shirts and more on display and for sale at his web page.
Take a tour! You've got to see the enlarged view of the skin impression shown above. Rare, and cool!

These guys are way good, check, 'em out!

This appears to be a fairly new site, but the owners have certainly been busy!


Here's a site from the Netherlands.


Ed's Photo
on the Web!

Ed's Photo is proud to have been the Initial Preparation Photographer of "Sue" the Tyrannosaurus rex, and Sandra Gerken of White River Preparium is thrilled to have had the chance to share in her preparation.

Click on the link to Black Hills Institute of Geological Research to see more photos and learn about the discovery of "Sue" and the history-making story that led to her unveiling in Chicago.

Preparator -Terry Wentz with "Sue"
Click for enlarged view

Photo by Ed's Photo, 
© 2001 BHIGR

Be sure to visit Don & Sara
Parson's Minerals
& Fossils

Unique Gold & Platinum Specimens, Minerals, Fossils & More!

Handling the full line of
Raynox optical equipment

Micro, Macro, Wide-angle
& Telephoto Accessory lenses
for still, video and digital cameras.
I've tried them & they really work!

Publications, posters, books,
games, toys & more!

Original Home of "Sue"
World's Largest
Tyrannosaurus rex

Visit the totally new
Black Hills Institute website!


Fossils, skeletal mounts,
minerals, reproductions & more!

Black Hills Trails of Time

Over 430 historical photos, news items, maps , articles & more on CD-ROM!

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Visit our other websites:  DinoPage  Ammonites   Meteorites  Black Hills Trails of Time  Ed's Photo  Burnt Fork Traders

White River Prepariun